About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build our community in two ways.
1. To promote community physical health by growing the best quality, healthy foods using sustainable growing techniques and making these foods available to our community members.
2. To promote community mental and spiritual health by offering programs to educate community members on the value of urban growing as a reconnecting pathway back to God.
The physical activities of weeding, planting, nurturing, hoping and accepting are all done in the garden and in daily life. Growing potentially gives you pause to think about changing, restoring, and nurturing your life. Without the belief that God will support efforts to create beauty and food, there is no reason to begin.

It is amazing that we trust in the future when there is no sign that life will appear. That faith can translate to our lives. When we begin our ventures, they begin in our mind. We take some actions, and like the miracle of a plant our ideas become whole in the world.

Our Business Plan:

Sanctuary Farms, Inc. operates as a Nonprofit Organization as our main goal is to build the community and individual members, not to make money. However, we understand funds are needed to continue changing our dreams to reality. We strongly believe that God has placed us on this path and will provide what we need to accomplish our goals.

Currently, as a nonprofit, we accept tax deductible contributions from Individuals and Businesses. Local Businesses and organizations are also able to partner with us, helping to grow our community. We actively seek all forms of grant funding to grow our ministry. We raise funds by offering our popular Wellness Program foods for sale to the community (See “Wellness To Go”).

Working as an outreach ministry of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, a nonprofit organization, we have built a greenhouse. In the greenhouse we grow plants for food which we use in our multiple growing spaces and make available to our community members. It also serves as an education facility for our own members and other local schools and youth groups.

We are currently reworking the landscape of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church to include much improved water conservation and distribution as well as an extensive growing bed plan for use by our community. In these growing areas, we will practice sustainable growing methods including efficient water and power management, composting, alternative growing methods, etc. We work to educate the people about their health and wellness and the value of urban growing to their lives. As in our other growing areas, harvested crops from the new gardens will be made available to community members and used in our Wellness Program.

It is our hope that in the future, we can bring other growers together to share the fruits of their labors in a market for the community. We are also working on a classroom/kitchen for the education and enjoyment of our community members and to continue the work of the Wellness Program. We see many directions in which our ministry can go. We strive to stay mindful that God is our driver and pray daily that the work we do is His will and to His glory.

Sanctuary Farms, Inc. is and will continue to grow and share food, provide a place for those who wish to grow to do so and share the knowledge and blessing of nurturing life with our community and beyond.

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We have partnered with landscape designer, Eco-Urban, to build over 1000 square feet of raised bed garden space in the rear right corner of the church property. This area will serve as a place to grow foods for the Wellness Program and provide a space for members to grow their own fresh foods and learn valuable growing skills.Olimometer 2.52

Jennifer Doucette comes to us as an experienced hobbyist beekeeper. I was certified in North Carolina during my Katrina hiatus raising bees in my backyard.  More recently I was approached by friend and co-worker, Michelle about raising bees for Sanctuary Farms.  I  jumped at the chance to revisit my long lost craft.  It is with much enthusiasm and new ...
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