April News!

Our spring Garden Time days are paying off!  We now have 25+ different varieties of fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers flourishing in this great weather we have been enjoying.  We also have 15 different varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables coming up in the greenhouse that need a little more tender care before they can move out to the garden.  Everything in the garden is marked so it is a great time to walk through and see these plants in their different stages of development.  There is so much to learn out here.  As the weather warms up and the babies grow up, they will continue to need plenty of love and care.  So, Garden Time will continue throughout April.  Meet us in the garden Tuesday & Thursday mornings 9:00am to Noon and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  There will also be a Garden Orientation Workshop on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00am to 11:00am for anyone interested in learning all about our gardens and how to be a safe and active participant.  Also, please note, this is a busy season for our bees.  Note their location at the back fence when you visit and observe from a distance.  When you pass through, locate and observe the 5 swarm boxes in the trees and let me know if you see bees entering them.  On a financial note, Sanctuary Farms was approved for a grant through a city program to celebrate its Tricentennial.  We will use these funds to purchase plants for an on-site project with our youth group, Youth Grow 300.  To celebrate the city’s Tricentennial, Sanctuary Farms and the youth group will plant 300 new plants on our property.  Also, mark your calendars, as Sanctuary Farms has been approved, once again to participate in Give NOLA Day which will be Tuesday, May 1st this year.   I will send out more information on these two events as they come together.  Thank you to all who faithfully participate in the Profoodi project.  You are not just keeping your body healthy, but supporting all endeavors of Sanctuary Farms!


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We have partnered with landscape designer, Eco-Urban, to build over 1000 square feet of raised bed garden space in the rear right corner of the church property. This area will serve as a place to grow foods for the Wellness Program and provide a space for members to grow their own fresh foods and learn valuable growing skills.Olimometer 2.52

Jennifer Doucette comes to us as an experienced hobbyist beekeeper. I was certified in North Carolina during my Katrina hiatus raising bees in my backyard.  More recently I was approached by friend and co-worker, Michelle about raising bees for Sanctuary Farms.  I  jumped at the chance to revisit my long lost craft.  It is with much enthusiasm and new ...
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