April News!



Our spring Garden Time days are paying off!  We now have 25+ different varieties of fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers flourishing in this great weather we have been enjoying.  We also have 15 different varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables coming up in the greenhouse that need a little more tender care before they can move out to the garden.  Everything in the garden is marked so it is a great time to walk through and see these plants in their different stages of development.  There is so much to learn out here.  As the weather warms up and the babies grow up, they will continue to need plenty of love and care.  So, Garden Time will continue throughout April.  Meet us in the garden Tuesday & Thursday mornings 9:00am to Noon and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  There will also be a Garden Orientation Workshop on Saturday, April 21st from 9:00am to 11:00am for anyone interested in learning all about our gardens and how to be a safe and active participant.  Also, please note, this is a busy season for our bees.  Note their location at the back fence when you visit and observe from a distance.  When you pass through, locate and observe the 5 swarm boxes in the trees and let me know if you see bees entering them.  On a financial note, Sanctuary Farms was approved for a grant through a city program to celebrate its Tricentennial.  We will use these funds to purchase plants for an on-site project with our youth group, Youth Grow 300.  To celebrate the city’s Tricentennial, Sanctuary Farms and the youth group will plant 300 new plants on our property.  Also, mark your calendars, as Sanctuary Farms has been approved, once again to participate in Give NOLA Day which will be Tuesday, May 1st this year.   I will send out more information on these two events as they come together.  Thank you to all who faithfully participate in the Profoodi project.  You are not just keeping your body healthy, but supporting all endeavors of Sanctuary Farms!  

It’s Give NOLA Day!



Today is the big day!  Please visit the link below, give, tell your friends and come see what’s happening at Sanctuary Farms! https://www.givenola.org/SanctuaryFarms Lots of love! Mimi

Greenhouse work



Today Joy Miller and I got together to work in the greenhouse as we prepare for Spring…I think… kinda felt like it was already here. In fact, Joy was thinking she may needed sunblock! It was a gorgeous day.  I cleaned out some gardens and came across these roses.  Have you ever really stopped to appreciate a rose?  This beautiful thing bursts forth into the world with no help from us.  In fact, these were at the end of their life and judging by the evidence I saw on other branches, I suspect others came and went maybe without even being seen by a human.  There is something special about the feeling you get when you witness life in this way, seeing the perfect formation and beautiful colors and experiencing the divine fragrance stirred with the fresh air.  Take time to stop and smell the roses…

The Lost Art of Homemade Kefir, Kombucha & Yogurt


kefir 2

We will review why these artisanal fermented foods are such an important part of a healthy eating plan and show you how easy  and inexpensive it can be to make these foods at home for yourself and your family.  Suggested $5.00 donation to attend. Childcare will be available. Wednesday, January 13th, 6:30pm , St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall.

The New Game Plan


Garden plan

We work to educate folks about food and nutrition and their relation to wellness. We have developed many partnerships along the way. In addition, we have worked with local architects to develop plans to transform the property of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church to enhance our efforts and the experiences of our participants. These plans include creating a food education kitchen and classroom as well as a water conservation system and several growing spaces. Much time has been spent in the pursuit of big funding to cover the cost of undertaking our dreams. Although those efforts will continue, we feel God is calling us to work. Community Garden Project Total Cost of Project $6,262.00 Goal to start Phase I – $2,064.00 Phase II –  $2,099.00 Phase III –  $2,099.00 We feel our priority is to complete the interactive education growing space pictured above in 3 phases. This garden will provide over 1,300 square feet of raised bed growing space for community and interactive education use. Foods grown will be used in our Wellness and other education programs. The property has been secured with fencing and the concrete foundations have been poured. The costs to finish the project are listed above. We need your help! Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help fund this project. Your donation is tax-deductible and will go a long way to help us in our efforts as we work to promote wellness and fight chronic illness in our community! Lots of love.. Mimi

August News and Updates!


Hello Wellness Fans! Most of you know that Sophia and I have just returned from our summer vacation to visit my sister in the UK and primarily London. I can’t begin to put into words how inspiring it is to be in a country so rich in history and traditions. In addition, the English people respect and honor their heritage, are so proud to be a part of it and want to tell you all about it. Most touching was being present in the part of the world where my own home church’s roots lie. To be welcomed into the magnificent Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s cathedral as part of the family and to participate in St. Paul’s most beautiful Sunday service is something I will not soon forget. The sudden knowledge of belonging to such a large family is a source of great strength and comfort. The experience has renewed my inspiration to continue and grow the great ministries I am blessed to serve in our very little part of the world. So, we are finally back! Wellness Wednesday returns Wednesday, August 12th, 6:30pm in the Parish Hall. Prep and Prepare for this meal will be on Tuesday, August 11th from 9:00AM to Noon, also in the Parish Hall. Please note that this is the 2nd Wednesday of August. This change was made to accommodate some folks who have a standing engagement on the 3rd Wednesday. Hope to see you all there. Continuing our efforts to reach out to our neighbors and grow our church home, the next Outreach and Evangelism (O&E) meeting will be August 19th at 6pm in the ministries center. Everyone is welcome. Come see what we have done so far and bring your ideas for future efforts to share. Feel free to visit the church veggie garden this month and cut some basil to use at home. The garden is there for you all to enjoy. When summer is done, it will be time to clean it out and get ready for Fall. Let me know if you’d like to work on that project with us. The Camp Hardtner transportation project was a great success. The last coach ran while I was overseas, so we don’t have the final tally in yet, but this project did earn money for Sanctuary Farms. Those funds will go to support the Wellness program and O&E efforts. In particular, we would like to purchase a nice projector that can be used with laptops and Ipads for educational presentations and entertainment events offered at St. Philip. Also, there are some bills due to the architect who drew the plans needed for our federal grant project. Speaking of that project, please keep it in your daily prayers. We have waited a long time and to remind you, grant award recipients are to be notified in September. Very soon we will know if our project will be chosen for funding.  If it is God’s will for us to receive this grant, the money will provide a huge push forward for Sanctuary Farms and go a very long way to help us in the future. There are exciting changes happening here at St. Philip. Come and see what we are doing and get involved! We all have something to offer. I hope to see you all at the events listed above. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Lots of love, Mimi

First there was a fence…



This fence was the first step in a long journey we have planned with landscape designers, EcoUrban, to completely revitalize our property. To complete this Phase 1, our garden area was leveled and some fruit trees were moved to the Ash Garden area. Phase 2 will begin this month as we lay the foundations for over 1000 square feet of raised bed growing space! I will keep you updated as we move through the phases. Keep watching!

Do you know what this is?



It’s a goji berry. Have you heard of a goji berry? Goji berries are a “superfood”. The living and raw plant foods that we eat contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to be healthy. A superfood is a food that has many unique properties in comparison. For instance, goji berries are a source of complete protein. Not many plant foods can boast that! They also contain nutrients that stimulate our immune system, cleanse our liver, slow our aging process and enhance stamina, strength and sexual energy. They contain elements that improve eyesight and blood quality. This little berry is perhaps the most nutritionally rich berry fruit on the planet! Goji berries are available dried and in powder form in health food stores. But, why not eat them fresh, as God has given them to us? Sanctuary Farms currently has 3 baby goji berry bushes we are nurturing and hope to grow the family larger once the St. Philip’s growing space is complete. Keep watching!

We have partnered with landscape designer, Eco-Urban, to build over 1000 square feet of raised bed garden space in the rear right corner of the church property. This area will serve as a place to grow foods for the Wellness Program and provide a space for members to grow their own fresh foods and learn valuable growing skills.Olimometer 2.52

Jennifer Doucette comes to us as an experienced hobbyist beekeeper. I was certified in North Carolina during my Katrina hiatus raising bees in my backyard.  More recently I was approached by friend and co-worker, Michelle about raising bees for Sanctuary Farms.  I  jumped at the chance to revisit my long lost craft.  It is with much enthusiasm and new ...
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