The New Game Plan

We work to educate folks about food and nutrition and their relation to wellness. We have developed many partnerships along the way. In addition, we have worked with local architects to develop plans to transform the property of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church to enhance our efforts and the experiences of our participants. These plans include creating a food education kitchen and classroom as well as a water conservation system and several growing spaces.

Much time has been spent in the pursuit of big funding to cover the cost of undertaking our dreams. Although those efforts will continue, we feel God is calling us to work.

Community Garden Project

Total Cost of Project $6,262.00

Goal to start Phase I – $2,064.00
Phase II –  $2,099.00
Phase III –  $2,099.00

Garden plan

We feel our priority is to complete the interactive education growing space pictured above in 3 phases. This garden will provide over 1,300 square feet of raised bed growing space for community and interactive education use. Foods grown will be used in our Wellness and other education programs. The property has been secured with fencing and the concrete foundations have been poured. The costs to finish the project are listed above.

We need your help! Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help fund this project. Your donation is tax-deductible and will go a long way to help us in our efforts as we work to promote wellness and fight chronic illness in our community!

Lots of love..


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We have partnered with landscape designer, Eco-Urban, to build over 1000 square feet of raised bed garden space in the rear right corner of the church property. This area will serve as a place to grow foods for the Wellness Program and provide a space for members to grow their own fresh foods and learn valuable growing skills.Olimometer 2.52

Jennifer Doucette comes to us as an experienced hobbyist beekeeper. I was certified in North Carolina during my Katrina hiatus raising bees in my backyard.  More recently I was approached by friend and co-worker, Michelle about raising bees for Sanctuary Farms.  I  jumped at the chance to revisit my long lost craft.  It is with much enthusiasm and new ...
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