Wellness To Go

The “Wellness To Go” program was developed as a way to share the great menu items we create in the Wellness Program while helping to fund this great ministry.  Whenever possible, these items are prepared with foods right out of our gardens.  These fresh foods are grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.  When you purchase from Wellness To Go, you are getting good food that is good for your body while contributing to  the funding of all that we do.  It’s a win – win!

You can place an order online anytime, or call Sanctuary Farms at 504-392-2386 and leave your order on the message machine.  You will receive a confirmation that your order was received and will be notified when it will be ready.  All pick-up orders must be collected at the church between 9:00 AM and Noon, Monday through Friday, or 8:00 AM to Noon on Sunday.  Special Pick-up times can be arranged.

What’s on the menu this week?

Nutrition To Go Bars

These bars are principle items in my daily diet.  They are convenient, portable and tasty.  Made only of fruits, nuts and seeds, they are packed with nutrition to keep your body going during busy work days, vacations or just to ease a sweet tooth craving!

Soups To Go

These hearty soups are an easy and delicious way to get lunch or dinner served up fast!  Stocked with highly nutritious foods, they will leave your body satisfied while helping you to start or maintain a healthy eating plan.  The 16 ounce container is enough for 2 meal sized servings.

Veggies To Go

It’s important to put fresh vegetables in your body.  Your body needs abundant nutrients for optimal performance.  The overly processed foods readily available to us in our grocery stores provide little if any nutrition.  In fact, there are many ingredients added to processed foods that do damage to our bodies.  Take care of your body!  Eat your vegetables.

We have partnered with landscape designer, Eco-Urban, to build over 1000 square feet of raised bed garden space in the rear right corner of the church property. This area will serve as a place to grow foods for the Wellness Program and provide a space for members to grow their own fresh foods and learn valuable growing skills.Olimometer 2.52

Jennifer Doucette comes to us as an experienced hobbyist beekeeper. I was certified in North Carolina during my Katrina hiatus raising bees in my backyard.  More recently I was approached by friend and co-worker, Michelle about raising bees for Sanctuary Farms.  I  jumped at the chance to revisit my long lost craft.  It is with much enthusiasm and new ...
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